Friday, May 8, 2015

New Aqua Scarf for My Hair

I saw this scarf in the store and just fell in love with the soft aqua color. The way the linen flows. I bought it to wear on my head while my hair is growing back in. Like so many others, after cancer treatment all of my hair fell out and I've been wearing scarves and hats since.

I love the way it sparkles. It has these little tiny ribbon rows of sequin running throughout the scarf from top to bottom.
The scarf is made of a very light weight fabric with a small fringe edge. It will be great for those soon to be hot days of summer. This scarf is an infinity scarf. For what I want to use it for I will be cutting it apart at the seam and surging the edges so I can tie it on my head.



Scarf  Target under $20.00

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Welcome to my new blog. I decided to create a dairy for myself and anyone else for has the same interest. I had breast cancer and just finished my last treatments. Once I got through a long journey of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and many test I started to feel less of a human being let alone a women. I started this dairy to help get my feminine side back. I want to feel more like a woman again and rejoin the human race. This is my journey back to myself.